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BlueGrape Consulting LLC brings together real estate expertise, research, analytics and architecture to grow investor value. BlueGrape Consulting LLC operates the fund ReGO – Real Estate Growth Opportunities, San Diego.

the Real Estate Private equity fund, deploys your hard earned capital with sensibility, judgment and expertise. ReGO invests in undervalued assets and new developments where the opportunity to add value to the real estate housing segment exists. Investors have the opportunity to own a piece of real estate by owning smaller investment units without putting all their money into a property or undergoing the process of purchasing, selling and maintaining homes.

Significant wealth is being harvested by smart investors in this scenario, and with ReGO you could do the same.

Here's How ReGO Makes It Possible:

The ReGO team analyses macro trends and isolates risk-adjusted real estate opportunities that meet the investment objectives of its partners and associates. A dedicated team researches San Diego consistently to identify opportunity areas, along with realtors and developers.

The team deploys robust good market intelligence and an opportunistic investment model to provide unique, risk adjusted investment opportunities (with inherent value-add potential) and final returns for smart investors.

Subsequently, Team ReGO co-develops the investment strategy, reporting metrics, evaluation tools and actively manages investment positions.

  • San Diego Home Sales hit 7 year high San Diego County in July recorded 4,524 total home sales, the highest level since June 2006 when 4,533 properties were sold.

    26 Aug 2013
  • July's sales total marks a 12% increase from the previous month. That's the highest June-to-July transaction increase since 1997, when it was 17%.
    Source: UTS Sandiego.com

    26 Aug 2013